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Hi there lovely,

My name is Sophie, your friendly illustrator!

Sophie Furman Barbara and Ghostling Green Bg low res.jpg

Sneak Peek at my work...

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Kim Calichio, The Connected Chef

"I am so excited for and was very pleased with Sophie's logo refresh and illustrations: they will help better communicate the importance and benefits of our work, build brand visibility, and give us a fresh, cute look!"

Sophie Furman Woman in Orange Illo.jpeg
Screenshot 2023-08-16 at 3.52.29 PM.png

Kew & Willow Books, in Queens, NY

"The ability to have a locally designed exclusive item on a national bookstore celebration day allowed us to set our store apart and also served almost as a thank you to our most loyal customers!"

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New York City Agency

"I felt excited and very happy with the results! Sophie created a beautiful piece, educating kids about the subject's awesomeness!"

Liz and Logo.png

Liz Russell, Russell Street Consultancy

"I feel like I have an exciting brand differentiator that I hadn't really envisioned prior to working with Sophie, and got so many complements. The [illustrations] make me look like an advanced brand, even though I'm just starting out, especially when I can point to the artist who custom designed them with me."

Sophie Furman Meet the Brooklyner Comic December 2023 low res.jpg

Comics Section at an NYC newspaper

Read all about my column at the amazing Red Hook Star-Revue.

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Tutoring just
for you

I offer tutoring and consultation services to help you upskill in illustration, learn everything from the ropes to the business of illustration!

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Superstar Brands I've Worked With

KEW & WILLOW LOGO_SOLID - Kew & Willow Books.jpg
POMEmag logo.png
Happy Eco News logo.png
Saving Jane Logo.png
Val France logo.png
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Etsy Stationary Store

Make all your sticker and postcard dreams come true!

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Illustrations that you need

Creating visual stories for your brand or publication. Let's get you booked!

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