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My Story

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Why, hello there! My name is Sophie (she/they) and I am a Brooklyn-based illustrator, for children's books and companies and publications. I love all things inclusive, geeky, gorgeous. I am also a micro-influencer on Instagram, and am in love with everything social media. In my free time, I love to walk my very own very floofy squishy, Cookie, and am a dedicated bubble tea drinker, and fan of and reader of all the books to my baby nephews Logan and Alex. ​

I seek to strive to champion marginalized communities in my work. I went from working for national nonprofits and local elementary schools, to working on making today's illustrations more inclusive!

One of my accomplishments is co-illustrating an inclusive STEM children's book about a girl-inventor for a nonprofit. My artworks have traveled a long way, having been displayed at the U.S. Capitol's Cannon Tunnel, a Boston University solo show, Stamford Art Association as well as Stamford ARTWALK, and also in a traveling exhibit that traveled 180 miles, to Atlanta, GA, Chicago, IL, and Toronto, ON, among others.


My newest addition to my team, my fluffy studio assistant, Cookie

Likes: helping with photography and artwork delivery, and slippers

Dislikes: rain and the cold

Place of birth: Hungary

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More About Me...

I would love to share more about me! And to find out more about you!

Passions: worked with national food injustice nonprofit, worked with homelessness newspaper

Bonus Facts: I love to cook up a storm, I love stickers for life, I am half Russian and almost half Ukrainian

Likes: Taro bubble tea, visiting a bookstore, everything Sherlock

Dislikes: poverty, thunderstorms, being almost done with a good book

Working with the best clients and partners

INCLUDAS Publishing, Saving Jane/Abolitionista Press, American Invention Convention, HappyEcoNews, POMEmag, Cybercrime Magazine, Kew & Willow Books, Red Hook Star-Revue

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